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Simple crypto checkouts for merchants and developers.

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What's Cheq?

It's Stripe, for crypto

Online merchants and developers can implement Cheq to start accepting crypto payments. No code required.







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No transaction fees

aygideon14@gmail.com just paid you $14 in USDC

April 12, 2021 3:46PM

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2 Gail Lane, Georgetown, 40324  United States

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Where would you like to cashout to?

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Why choose Cheq?

The free and easy way
to pay and get paid

No integration necessary

You can use Cheq to spin up simple payment links to embed on your site, social media post or just share in a DM

Supercharged business features

Cheq does more for those who want it. Collect buyer's details, manage refunds, or connect Cheq to thousands of other services in a few clicks.

Zero volatility

Cheq supports a special type of crypto called ‘stablecoins’. One stablecoin is always worth one dollar. Your buyers know exactly what they’re paying - and you know just what you’re earning.

Powerful API

Use our simple-yet-powerful API to enhance your product with the capabilities of crypto payments.

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Works great with other tools

Cheq can connect to over 4000 other tools like Google Sheets, Airtable or Notion with no code. You can also use our API to integrate Cheq alongside other payment systems for your SaaS business.

Pro Code

If you have coding capabilities, you can launch amazing crypto-payment experiences in your product within hours.

No Code

Even without coding ability, you can connect Cheq to your favourite apps and services using our Zapier integration.


Secured by the Blockchain

Cheq is a user interface over three established blockchains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon. All of them have been battle-tested in public to years to act as safe mechanisms for funds transfer.

Graphic of a safe securing your crypto funds using the blockchain

Funds move directly

Cheq does not touch or hold user’s funds, instead helping users make safe transfers directly between wallets.

Anti-fraud built in

Cheq acts as a trust layer, ensuring the person you think you are paying really is who they say they are.


Seamless transfers between crypto and cash in over 150+ countries

Businesses need cash. Crypto payments can be immediately withdrawn to your bank account at any time. No hidden fees.

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Cheq Fees

What’s important to you?


We charge 0% transactions fees on accepting crypto payments. In September 2022 we launch our crypto to cash offramp feature which will charge a small fee. This feature is optional to use.


Our comprehensive API documentation and Zapier integration means you can integrate Cheq simply into your existing workflows.


Under the hood, your payments are made just like a standard crypto transfer, with all the speed and security you are already used to.

Cheq  adds and easy-to-use user interface to make transfers easy and accessible to everyone, as well as adding useful tools like integrations and notifications.

Ease of use

You can spin up payment links in Cheq just by pointing and clicking in our app.

If you want a more advanced integration, developers can use our simple yet powerful API to build checkouts at scale.

Non-developers can still build sophisticated workflows by connecting Cheq to 4000+ other applications using our Zapier integration.

Customer Support

Cheq has dedicated human support for every user available through live chat or email.

Developers can book calls with technical members of the Cheq team to get hands on help with their integration in one click from inside the 'Developers' section of the app.


Cheq supports all major stablecoins (USDC, DAI, BUSD, USDT) across three chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain and Polygon.

In Sepetember 2022, Cheq will be launching cash payouts in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD and JPY.


Cheq cannot touch your funds at rest or in transit. Funds flow directly from the customer to the merchant, through the same mechanism all crypto transfers go through.

By not interfering with the usual tansfer mechanism, you can be sure that your funds are going to arrive safely like the millions of other transfers that are sent every day.

KYC Checks

You do not need to perform any KYC checks to use Cheq as a buyer or a merchant.

However, if you are selling through Cheq, we ask you get in touch with us so we can understand who you are and give your checkout a 'verified' badge. Unverified checkouts carry a warning to buyers.

Come September 2022, we will be launching a KYC process in order to use our crypto to cash offramping feature.


Crypto transactions are usually anonymous, making fraud a commonplace issue.

Cheq collects information from both buyer and seller to label the transaction, and acts as a trust layer to ensure funds flow exactly where they are expected.

Verified checkouts on Cheq carry a badge so you know your funds are going to the correct address and cannot go missing.

Use Cases

Cheq is a powerful platform that can be used for a variety of use-cases.

It can be used by coders and non-coders alike, thanks to it's user interface, API, and Zapier integration.

We already serve customers using us for SaaS websites, raising investment rounds, marketplaces, events, and more.

Developer Tools

If you like Stripe, you'll love Cheq.

Our API is built with the same principles in mind, making moving money fund and easy.

Because crypto is inherently programmable, the integration is much easier than you think. Plus, you can book time with our tech team to get free hands on help with your integration.


Checkouts have to be robust and always available.

Cheq has a best in class 99.99% uptime record. Because the blockchain provides the core of our infrastructure, we are runnning on the world's most battle tested payment rails.

Use cases

When Token Alerts started to gain traction in Latin America I was suddenly inundated with requests to take crypto. Cheq enabled me to do this without changing up my existing credit card processor which I know and love.

Picture of Token Alerts CEO, a Cheq customer

Ekim Kaya

CEO, Token Alerts

Cheq made it possible for us to lead by example and accept crypto for our web3 event. Additionally, the fact that they don’t charge a transaction fee meant more budget to put on an amazing experience for our guests.

Image of Henry Horsefall, Zebu Live CEO and cheq customer

Henry Horsefall

Founder and CEO, Zebu Live

My client doesn't usually pay in crypto, so sharing a Cheq link with them made life much easier. They were able to pay with confidence, and I received my funds instantly to my MetaMask wallet which I immediately cashed out to Binance with no extra fee.


Antonio Garcia

Upwork Freelancer

Cheq allowed me to accept USDC like a business should, the simplified the acceptance and reconciliation for raising my funding round. Plus my investors loved the experience.

Image of Alex, CEO of Station and a Cheq user.

Alex Hoppenbrouwers

CEO, Stratian

Around half of our sales are made with crypto. Without Cheq we'd have to either only support credit card or put up with expensive fees and a sub-standard crypto checkout process.

Image of Augustinas Malinauskas, Cheq user for Verse

Augustinas Malinauskas

Co-Founder & CTO, Verse

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