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Accept crypto payments

The easiest way to pay and get paid with crypto
Cheq is the easiest way to pay and get paid with crypto
Zero fee.
Zero volatility.
Zero code required.
No integration required
Spin up simple payment links to embed on your site, social media post or just share in a DM.
Like normal money, but better
Get paid in stablecoins. One stablecoin is always worth one dollar. Your buyers know exactly what they’re paying - and you know just what you’re earning.
Supercharged business features
Do more if you want to. Collect buyer's details, manage refunds, or connect to thousands of other services in a few clicks.
Saas Companies
Stick with Stripe
(just add crypto!)
  • Easily add payment links alongside your existing payment systems - zero engineering required.
  • 0% fee on all transactions (Stripe charges 2.9%).
Boost Revenue From International Buyers
  • Say goodbye to failing international payments. Crypto payments succeed regardless of where your buyers are based.
  • We empowers businesses all over the world, particularly those in Latin America, Africa and Asia where online payments fail the most.
Powerful Business Features
  • Perform full and partial refunds just like with your existing payments system. With crypto, you don't have to worry about bank disputes.
  • Use our API or no-code Zapier integration to connect to services like Google Sheets or your own servers and execute orders.

Zero fees for all parties
  • We don't charge you or your buyers a transaction fee. That’s right - zero, zilch, nada.
  • Similarly, we charge zero exchange rate fees. Use crypto to receive the same currency your buyers send and put an end to those sneaky bank fees.
No more blocked payments
  • While it’s nice that banks try and keep their clients safe, they often delay or block genuine international payments and significantly affect businesses - crypto fixes this.
  • It doesn’t matter if your customers are in India, the US or Brazil - say goodbye to days spent waiting for banks to release funds.
Effortless setup
  • Getting going is free and easy. Neither you or your buyers have to share  passport photos or jump through similar verification hoops.
  • Delight your customers by empowering them to initiate transactions in a single click, free from the risk of mistakes and dissatisfaction from manual transfers.
Accept stablecoins like USDC, USDT and DAI, so that the money your customers send and the money you receive is worth the same amount every day.
We didn't invent the blockchain, so why should we charge to use it? Cheq will introduce low-cost flat-fee monthly plans later in 2022. Until then, we're 100% free to use.
If the buyer doesn't have the token you want, Cheq uses a third-party service to automatically swap crypto for them at no extra cost, and boost your conversion rate.

Powered by the most secure network ever: The Blockchain

We do nothing more than facilitate the swift and seamless transfer of funds from a buyer’s wallet to yours. We never touch your actual funds.

We simply let the blockchain do what it does best while ensuring your transfers are traced and zero mistakes are made.

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Accept crypto payments in 3 easy steps
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1. Enter the amount in US dollars you want to receive.
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2. Decide where you want to receive your funds.
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3. Share your payment link anywhere you wish.
Crypto payments made eeeeaaassssssyyyy
Crypto payments made eeeeaaassssssyyyy
Crypto payments made eeeeaaassssssyyyy
Crypto payments made eeeeaaassssssyyyy
Crypto payments made eeeeaaassssssyyyy